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Action Figure Head

Custom Action Figure US300  Free Shipping!
Check out my work at Figure Head work / Bust"

For a very unique gift either for yourself, family, friends, for birthdays,
anniversaries, wedding or parties.
100% Hand Made SculptureLook exactly the same as your photo! 

I offer the sculptures in different sizes from head to chin, with or without a neck and they are: 
32mm for action figures of 8” 
44mm for action figures of 1/6 standard (Dragon, Hot Toys, Cy cool girl, Barbie, etc) 
55mm for larger action figures 
65mm for stand-alone display bust 
75mm for a stand-alone display bust 
ColorPainted / Unpainted


  • Order procedure:
    • 1) E:mail me for an initial request
    • 2) Send Paypal invoice to you
    • 3) Settle payment thru Paypal
    • 4) Prepare photos ( as many as possible: Front view, side view, back view)
    • 5) Send photos to me either by E:mail or mail
    • 6) Start working on my side
    • 7) Finished photos of the action head will be send by E:mail to you continuously, so that you could tell me what you want me to adjust or give me your comments
    • 8) After approval on the final finished product, will paint or unpainted base on your choice
    • 9) Send photo again after the color on the surface is dried again for final approval
    • 10) Send out to you only if you are satisfy with the finished product


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